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Woollett Home Electrical provide a huge range of services for all of your aerial and satellite needs including

  • TV Aerials

    Log Periodic Aerial Unix52 Aerial

  • DAB Aerials

    DAB Aerial

  • FM Aerials

    FM Aerial

We have a large range of aerials available to cover every aspect of your reception requirements.

Please give us a call, or drop us an email, for a free no obligation quotation.



Freesat is an available option to Freeview, offering you a wide range of TV & radio stations.

Minimum Installation consists of:

  • 50cm Satellite Dish

    Dish for UK Satellite

  • Quad LNB

    Quad LNB

Installation prices are as follows:

  1. Single Copper-Copper Cable
    (up to 7 metres in length) - £90

    Single Copper-Copper Cable

  2. Dual Copper Copper Cable
    (up to 7 metres in length) - £125

    Dual Copper-Copper Cable

Any extra cabling that is required, above that of 7 metres, will incur an extra surcharge.
These are prices for standard installations. Any "special requirements" will incur further charges.

Freesat Receivers and Recorders

  • Standard Definition Receiver* - Only £50

  • Humax High Definition Receiver** - Only £130

    Humax High Definition Receiver

  • *NEW* Humax High Definition Freetime Recorders** - From Only £270

    Humax High Definition Recorders

*Comes with 1-Years Manufacturers Guarantee as standard.
**Humax products come with 2-Years Manufacturers Guarantee.


European and Motorised Satellite Systems:

We can fully install and service fixed or motorised satellite systems for you.

We only use the best equipment so that your system will last for many years to come. Our European satellite engineer has over 20yrs experience in the industry so you can rest assured that he will get the job done perfectly the first time round.

We also offer low cost servicing and repairs so if your system has stopped working we can help, just give us a call.


TV Wall Mounting:

We offer a wide range of wall mounting services with a variety of brackets.

We also provide a channel out service to conceal cables. We can mount a TV of any size to any wall surface. If you have been told that it canít be done, it can, just give us a call and we will be happy resolve this.


Multi Point Distribution:

We can provide you with aerial or satellite points in your home or workplace. Wherever you want the point to go, we can do it, whether it is extra TV points or extra satellite points.

Never be told that you canít have a point fitted where you want it. There always a way to do it and we will be happy to help.



We provide a full range of CCTV systems: internal systems or external systems. We can distribute the image to any room that you like, to any number of TVs that you want. Just call for a quotation.


Commercial Services:

Woollett Home Electrical specialise in commercial and residential systems. We can design, install and service complete IRS systems. We use the best products at the best prices.


About IRS:

IRS stands for integrated reception service. This system is designed for businesses and developers who wish to offer every outlet point in there offices or apartments with multiple viewing options including TV, fm, dab, sky TV and European satellite signals. To discuss your needs or to book a free quotation, just give us a call.

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