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The History of WOOLLETT’S

It all started just after World War 2.

With the end of the war, a young Stanley Woollett, upon leaving the RAF as a qualified radio engineer, opened a small shop in Clive Place just off Gt. Horton Road, Bradford. He started selling radio sets that were powered with 12-volt accumulators. The reason for this service was that most houses had no electricity only gas. Many people wanted to listen to the BBC radio programs, so he would put the accumulators on charge during the day and then deliver them back in the evening; this was the start of our service to Bradford and the surrounding area.

Opened in 1947 was a second shop at the junction of Duckworth Lane, Toller Lane, and Lilycroft Road where, in addition to selling radios, he began supplying televisions. The television transmissions in those days were picked up from Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands but in those days, you could only receive one BBC channel. After the Holme Moss Transmitter opened in 1951, the service began to expand with other channels.

Only a few years of trading in Toller Lane resulted in Stanley R. Woollett opening his next shop in Duckworth Lane. With this new shop, Stanley, alongside the selling of TV and radios, was also able to supply washing machines and fridge’s etc.

Late in the 1950’s (1958 to be exact), Roger Smith joined the company as an apprentice radio and television engineer after leaving school at the age of 15. He was soon taught how to give good service and took a keen interest in the business even at his young age. Roger eventually took over the sales side of the business after, in 1987, it was decided to divide the sales and service department – thus creating a separate entity called Woollett Service.

Little by little, the company continued its operations until, in the early 1960’s, Stanley Woollett got together with a few other radio and TV dealers and they all joined a buying group from Leeds, which later joined forces with another group in Durham. This group was, and is, still called Combined Independents (North) Ltd (affiliated to Combined Independent (Holdings) Ltd. This enabled us to carry on the tradition of giving expert advice with low prices and a fast and efficient personal service on a wide choice of goods.

EURONICS, formed in 1996 through CIH Ltd, quickly became Europe’s largest electrical buying group. Membership of Euronics enables us to purchase at the best possible prices and gives us access to a huge supply of manufacturers, almost the perfect scenario – small shop service with discount store prices.

The 27th of October 2007 was when the Duckworth Lane Shop was forced to close due to the ill health of Roger Smith.

The company, however, was fortunately able to carry on thanks to Andrew who not only kept Woollett Service going, but also opened a very successful Shop in the Market town of Otley, West Yorkshire. The shop became very successful, particularly in the supply of Freesat, as the town (being in a valley) could not offer much in the choice of TV channels.

So this continued until August 2010 when Andrew got together with David Kelk (an ex Director of Peter Dyer Ltd). They were members of the ‘Mutual Appreciation Society’ and they soon developed a good working relationship. Like Andrew and Roger, David had spent his early years training as a radio and TV engineer but his forte was really in the buying and selling of home electrical products - he says it comes from his love of gadgets. The company was rebranded and renamed WOOLLETT HOME ELECTRICAL and continues to expand its range of products particularly in the ‘white goods sector’ - and so the story goes on!

Service centre

We are official service agents for Daewoo, Hitachi, JVC Thompson, Technics, Kenwood, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sharp, LG Electronics and Roberts Radio.

We repair Televisions (including LCD, TFT, Plasma, LED, UHD & 4K, and Direct View), video cassette recorders, audio equipment (including radios, cd players, DAB and amplifiers), microwaves, monitors, satellite receivers, DVD players and recorders, projectors, hard disk recorders, computers (including desktop, laptop and note books) and much more.

We also do trade repair work for other repair companies in Bradford and beyond.

Please contact us for more details.

Installation Specialists

We install aerials, satellite systems, freesat systems, distribution systems, commercial systems, PA amplifiers, deaf loop amplifiers and much more.

We also offer an in house tuning and setup service.

Contact us for more information.

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